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A Gym That Feels Like Home

Our biggest priority is improving your quality of athleticism and ability to accomplish your competitive goals safely and efficiently by providing an elite training facility with a small membership footprint.

TFC Barbell Club is a facility built on purpose, progression, and privacy. We offer a training component that you won’t find at any other fitness facility in Charlotte: a private or semi-private training session. We purposefully cap the number of individuals allowed in the facility at one time to ensure an intimate and safe workout. This is achieved through appointment-based sessions. Imagine a gym in today’s world where no one is breathing down your neck or asking to work-in with you. No waiting for equipment or trying to beat the rush-hour crowd. We specialize in creating an environment that feels like your own personal gym.

Why You Should Be Powerlifting

Accept the challenge and join TFC’s Powerlifting family.

No one wakes up and dreams of being brittle and immobile when they get older. The goal is to be able to still carry all of those groceries in one-trip, throw your grandchildren around, and bend over without feeling like you won’t be able to get back up. Powerlifting has been shown to lead to strong muscles and bones which slow down the loss of bone density and mass as you get older. Powerlifting and resistance training has been proven to be the key component in ensuring that you stay mobile and independent as you age.

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