Only the strong survive

Tested. Focused. Committed.

Where Power Meets Strength

Our mission is to help improve your quality of strength through Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, and general Resistance Training. We achieve this by providing a training facility with premium competitive equipment and by guaranteeing a small membership footprint. Regardless of where you fall between novice and elite, our facility is designed to keep you tested, focused, and committed.

Open Gym Membership

Your training session on your time. Access to our premium facility and amenities during operating hours.


A virtual wellness solution designed and optimized for convenience, accessibility, accountability and customization. 


Need a training space for the day? Not sure you want to join? No problem, just drop-in and check us out.

Brains Behind The Business

Jess James is a lifetime Powerlifter with a vast athletic background. From dabbling in youth basketball and softball; to throwing the shot-put, discus, javelin, and hammer in high school; to playing collegiate club rugby; to a sprint triathlete; to a StrongWoman competitor – Jess has seen, done, and felt it all.

In 2017, Jess created The FitFat Coach® with one mission: to inspire and promote female body positivity through powerlifting. In 2020, Jess opened TFC Barbell Club: Charlotte’s very first African-American Woman owned open-gym training facility.

Unlike most fitness coaches today, Jess has real life experience with the cycle of weight gain and weight loss. Because of this, she’s able to provide relatable coaching and coping techniques for those trying to break the cycle. Jess’ ultimate goal is to help others achieve a strong and healthy lifestyle while continuing to improve her own.

Why You Should Be Powerlifting

Accept the challenge and join TFC’s Powerlifting family.

No one wakes up and dreams of being brittle and immobile when they get older. The goal is to be able to still carry all of those groceries in one-trip, throw your grandchildren around, and bend over without feeling like you won’t be able to get back up. Powerlifting has been shown to lead to strong muscles and bones which slow down the loss of bone density and mass as you get older. Powerlifting and resistance training has been proven to be the key component in ensuring that you stay mobile and independent as you age.

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